Alliance update on the ICA-EU partnership

6 Feb 2017

On 1 February, the Coordination Unit of the ICA-EU partnership for international development participated in the working group “Capacity for Development” during the annual meeting of the EU Delegations, in Brussels. Over 100 representatives working in EU Delegations worldwide and responsible for the CSO/LA and Human Rights lines were present in the event, providing a great opportunity to exchange and discuss on the key role of co-operatives as an actor of development.

One of the main messages that was addressed to the EU delegations’ representatives was that within the ICA - EU partnership, capacity building and strengthening of co-operative organisations constitute one of the key goals of the co-operative movement. Increasing the capacity of co-operatives to create an enabling environment via advocacy with institutions at the country level and EU Delegations, enhances further the engagement and ownership of the multiple development actors.

The Coordination Unit of the ICA-EU partnership urged EU Delegations representatives to create an enabling environment for the diverse actors on development to be involved in consultation, implementation, monitoring and evaluation of development policies.

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